Welcome to the Class of 2026 – we can’t wait to have you here on campus!

In the next week and a half, you have the opportunity to apply for on-campus housing (by May 8th) in one of our many first year halls. Although housing assignments are random, you have the option to apply to live in a Residential Learning Community (RLC). RLCs are immersive spaces in a residence hall where students live together to learn about and participate in activities centered around a theme. In an RLC, you will live with other RLC students who are interested in exploring the same topic as you. While each RLC is different, all of them involve increased interaction with Tulane staff and faculty, unique programming and out of classroom experiences, and designated TIDES courses so that students are learning together both in and out of the classroom

Think you might be interested in living in an RLC? Read on to learn about our 7 RLCs for this year!

  1. Current

The image for the Current RLC as seen on Housing and Residence Life’s website

Current brings together first-year women to build and engage in academic, intellectual, STEM-focused communities at Tulane, in New Orleans, and beyond. Provided by the Newcomb Institute, first-year women will be able to form connections with fellow students, faculty, staff, and alumnae through STEM- and gender-focused programming, research, and development opportunities.

Campus Partner: Newcomb Institute

Program Examples: Faculty and Practitioner Dinners, Research Panels, Service project with Girls in Science and Tech (GiST)

Residence Hall: Josephine Louise Hall

2. Kaleidoscope

The image says "Kaleidoscope" in green, bold, capitalized letters. The two o's in the word are filled in rainbow colors.

The image for the Kaleidoscope RLC as seen on Housing and Residence Life’s website

Kaleidoscope focuses on diversity, inclusion, and social justice through a multitude of activities. Through intellectual conversations, experiences, and programs, students from diverse backgrounds will learn how to identify solutions to complex social problems. Kaleidoscope is inspired by D. Scott Tharp’s theoretical framework for designing social justice education curriculum and helps students critically think about their personal experiences, cultural perspectives, social interaction, and institutional systems in our society.

Campus Partner: The Carolyn Barber Pierre Center for Intercultural Life

Program Examples: Family Dinners, Book Club, Kaleidoscope Fridays

Residence Hall: Warren Hall

3. Ignite

A student in the Freeman School of Business presenting to fellow classmates

If you’re interested in innovation and entrepreneurship, Ignite is the RLC for you! Ignite students will learn about launching and building a business from those who have done it, including student startup founders, the vibrant New Orleans business community, and Tulane Alumni. Whether you’re thinking of starting your own business or just want to learn more about the startup process, Ignite will help you make connections and gain real-world experience in entrepreneurship.

Campus Partner: Albert LePage Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Program Examples: Ignite Expo, Skill Building Workshops, Family Business Roundtable Discussion

Residence Hall: Monroe Hall

4. Spark

Roommates living in the Spark RLC

Looking to find your “spark”? This RLC helps first-year women forge their own Tulane pathway through connecting with fellow students, faculty, staff, and alumnae through the gender-focused programming and opportunities. Spark encourages women to build and engage in creative, intellectual, and social justice communities at Tulane, in New Orleans, and beyond!

Campus Partner: Newcomb Institute

Program Examples: Faculty Dinners, Annual Retreat, New Orleans excursions to women-owned businesses

Residence Hall: Josephine Louise Hall

5. Squad

Tulane students holding a Tulane Green Wave Flag at a football game in Yulman Stadium

A One, A Two, A Helluva Hullabaloo! Squad will help you build your leadership and teamwork skills while exploring what it means to be a Tulanian through school pride. As a member of Squad, you will have the opportunity to learn from coaches, athletics staff members, and leaders in the New Orleans community on how to create a vibrant and supportive campus environment. As an added bonus, Squad participants will have access to exclusive athletic events, guest speakers, and an insider’s view of our athletic traditions!

Campus Partner: Department of Athletics

Program Examples: Leadership Assessment, Escape Room, VIP Treatment

Residence Hall: Sharp Hall

6. The 1963 Collective

A group of students hanging out on the Academic Quad of Tulane’s campus

If you’re interested in exploring Black history, culture, and knowledge, consider applying for The 1963 Collective! This RLC celebrates Black excellence by following in the footsteps of trailblazers like Deidre Dumas Labat, Reynold T. Décou, and others. Programming includes trips to culturally relevant sites of the past and present including festivals, museums, restaurants, sporting events, concerts, and more. Students participating in The 1963 Collective will also participate in the Office of Multicultural Affairs’ Intercultural Leadership Retreat and their Peer Mentor program, The Wave Makers.

Campus Partner: Office of Multicultural Affairs

Program Examples: New this year!

Residence Hall: Butler Hall

7. Third Coast

An alligator laying in the bayou

For an inside look into New Orleans and the Gulf South region, apply for Third Coast! With Third Coast, students will gain an “insider” understanding of how culture and environment intertwine in this fertile place and how their academic and professional goals can connect with the needs and interests of the surrounding community and the University.

Campus Partner: New Orleans Center for the Gulf South

Program Examples: Tet Fest, Map Making, Cajun Music and Dance

Residence Hall: Monroe Hall

Don’t forget, Housing Applications and RLC Applications are due May 8th!

If you would like to apply for an RLC, you can find the supplemental RLC application in your Housing Portal when you are filling out your Housing Application. You will be taken to a separate form where you will select which RLCs you would like to apply for and you will need to fill out some supplemental essay questions for each RLC to which you are applying. We recommend answering the questions in a Word document and then pasting them into the RLC application just in case the page times out. Due to the size of the RLCs, there may be some students who do not get into their top choice so we recommend applying to any that may interest you!

If you have any questions about RLCs, feel free to reach out to Housing & Residence Life Learning Communities (learningcommunities@tulane.edu).

See you on campus soon!