Hi y’all! Today is the Early Decision deadline, so I wanted to post a quick reminder for ED applicants (and counselors).

While students must submit their applications today (11/1), we will work to attach documents as they arrive. Your application will still be read even if the supporting documents take a few days to process into your file.

Students, please do not immediately hound your counselors once they have sent your transcript, recommendations, and Secondary School Reports. The systems that we use (like Naviance, SCOIR, and Slate.org) take time to process documents. It is completely normal for there to be a gap in between the time your counselor submits them and when they show up in your Green Wave Portal.

Counselors, utilizing the system that your school uses will be the most efficient way to send documents. Naviance, SCOIR and slate.org communicate directly with our system to automatically attach the documents. You can email documents to submit@tulane.edu if there are any issues with your system and our wonderful records staff will manually add to your students file. This takes a little longer, so the automated systems are preferred.

That’s it! Just a quick reminder to take a breath, work as a team, and know that we are not slamming the door closed at midnight!