Hey there, friends! What a spectacular month we just had here at Tulane! Our final Campus Preview Day (CPD) brought a tidal wave of excitement to our campus, Tulane Football is on a roll, and we’re hosting the AAC Championship at Yulman Stadium this Saturday!

Tulane beats UTSA to finish undefeated in Conference play!

Tulane beats UTSA to finish the season undefeated in conference play!

With November coming to a close, we are nearing the release date for our first admission round: Early Decision. We will have decisions for ED applicants on December 5th at 4 PM Central Time. We are finishing up committee over the next few days and are excited to welcome the first members of our Class of 2028.

I wanted to remind y’all of the possible outcomes for Early Decision applicants. We do our best to either Admit or Deny ED applicants so that they have a concrete decision. We try to avoid Defer or Waitlist decisions so you aren’t left hanging.

For Admitted students, there are two possibilities. First, there is the traditional Fall admit where you will begin at Tulane in August of 2024. As Early Decision is binding, your college search is over and you will need to submit your enrollment deposit by January 15th. The other option is a Spring Admit, where our Spring Scholars begin in January 2025. To help explain this pathway, my colleague Ethan is tagging in!

The Spring Scholar program offers a world of possibilities. Students can take the fall semester to explore the globe, gain work experience, or sharpen your skills before diving into university life.

Now, you might wonder why some stellar students are admitted for the spring instead of the fall. The truth is, we have a treasure trove of remarkable applicants, and while we wish we could accept everyone, the reality is that we can’t. We simply have more academically strong, interesting, and engaged applicants than we have room for. This is a wonderful “problem” to have!

So, Ethan, what makes a student a good fit for spring admissions?

Great question hypothetical reader! Spring Scholars are truly remarkable individuals that we know can be successful here. Their applications shine like a beacon, they attend Tulane events (virtual or in-person), craft compelling “Why Tulane?” essays, and secure glowing letters of recommendation. As engaged ED applicants, they’ve already shown their love for Tulane. Spring Scholars are that small group of students who we cannot accept for the fall, but who we know will be fantastic students at Tulane! The Spring Scholar program is the perfect fit for these students looking for time to be creative or explore the world around them before arriving in New Orleans. If you’re accepted as a Spring Scholar, the decision is final but not binding. No spring admission decisions will be changed to fall decisions.

The best part? Spring Scholars have options! We have partnerships with universities around the world, offering a chance to spend the fall semester abroad in places like Rome, Paris, London, and even an Architecture-specific program in Barcelona. Not only is going abroad an incredible life experience, but it also allows you to stay on track for graduation in May 2028. You still have the ability to join various clubs and activities once on campus, and you can even still participate in Greek recruitment since Tulane holds it in January. Take advantage these opportunities – they could be your favorite part of your undergraduate experience!

Rome, Italy

Rome remains our most popular destination for Spring Scholars!

Through the years we’ve welcomed many classes of Spring Scholars, and they’ve thrived at Tulane. They make friends, become integral parts of campus life, and truly embody the Tulane spirit. In fact, depending on your home-state, your admission counselor may be a spring scholar graduate! If you feel that you fit the bill of a Spring Scholar, or are enticed by the possibility, I encourage you to reach out to our office, or our Spring Scholar Ambassadors for more insight.

Now, take your time. Remember, Spring Scholars are not bound to attend Tulane, and you have until May 1st to make your final decision. Explore your options, reach out to our ambassadors, and delve into our FAQs. We’ll also have a Spring Scholar-specific Destination Tulane event in the spring.

We understand that it might feel a bit different, but we see it as an extraordinary opportunity. Embrace it, cherish it, and know that by choosing this path, you’re telling us that Tulane is where you belong, just with a little added flavor before you arrive. If that’s the case, we can’t wait to welcome you to campus in January 2025! Roll Wave, and let the adventure begin!